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The Right Dose!
The thing that separate medicine from the poison is the dose.
Smart PT Coach ® Exercise at the Right Dose !
Smart Personal Trainer

What is a Coach?

Coach is your personal trainer who guides you to your goal, motivates you and ensures exercise safety with your personal data.

Smart Personal Trainer

How Does Coach Work?

  • Coach works integrated with SH Life (Pro) and Smart PT (Public) applications where your personal data is processed.
  • It instantly processes the data it receives from your chest heart rate band and guides you to your goal.
  • It gives an alarm in the dangerous pulse area.

Your needs:

Smart PT ® Mobile Coach

Mobile Applications Integrated with Coach

SH Life

Special for Professional Businesses ( Pro )

Smart PT

Individual Users (Free)

Smart Personal Trainer

Coach Usage Areas

  • In addition to individual studies, it also allows individual follow-up of group exercises.
  • It enables individuals in the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation process to exercise at the right dose.

Smart PT ® Coach


It only follows you with your personal data at any time!


It allows you to exercise at the right range for your goals.

Data Driven

Your performance in each exercise is recorded dataally.


It allows you to stay in the exercise by providing a colorful environment.

Safe Exercise

It gives a warning if you reach the dangerous heart rate range!

* Cardiac problems have increased gradually after Covid-19. While many people are not even aware of this, Coach can also notice these problems!
Warning: The products and services on the site are not designed to be diagnostic or therapeutic. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor.

Usage Images

Smart PT ® Coach
Box contents

-1 Piece Smart PT Coach Bottom Table with Wheels
-2 Stand Connection Pipes
-1 Piece Acrobat Phone/Tablet Holder
-1 Piece Chest Heart Rate Band Set (Connector+Strap)

For The Right Dose of Exercise

Smart PT ® Coach

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